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Sound Bytes

Misty - Erroll Garner / Johnny Burke - Sandy Bigara
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Ave Maria - Schubert - Sandy Bigara
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Respirare/Breathe (Classical Original) - Sandy Bigara
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Speed of Light (Pop Original) - Sandy Bigara
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Audience Feedback

“I have seen many performers in my lifetime, but none so as seamless and dynamically talented as the "Star Viking" we know as Sandy Bigara! Her musical complexity can only be matched by her unlimited vocal range. 10 out of 10!”

- Kwisatz, Performer and Entertainer Sydney/Central Coast, NSW.


“Sandy Bigara is a special spirit who can vocally express life in a natural way and tone. I can hear life in her performance and passion in her presence in her vocal abilities. There isn't a doubt she can deliver the experience worth the listen. She helped me believe again.”

D’Mau, Electronica Producer, California USA.


"As a performer, Sandy is the whole package. An extravaganza for the ears and eyes with a stunning presence" – Alan Hargreaves, Performer Central Coast / Sound for Brackets & Jam North Coast.


“Voice of an angel…”

- Zielke Hewgill, Audience member, now based in Isle of Man, UK.


“Beautiful, as always. Why does the camera man always cry when he hears your voice? Such emotion, passion and perfection.”

- Graham Leigh, AV Camera tech, Durban, South Africa.


“Sandy has a captivatingly extraordinary voice that can be haunting, wild, powerful and gentle. Experience pop, jazz & classical styles all spun with EDM style. It is never said that you come to ‘hear’ a singer, it’s always said that you come to ‘see’ a singer and her originality and style are an experience way out of the ordinary.”

Kerrie Garside, Performer/SingerSongwriter ex-head of Wax Lyrical Central Coast, Australian Songwriters Association.


“Sandy was such a treat, the voice of an angel, moving from one genre to another with effortless ease. She blew me away with her Operatic music. Very comfortable with her craft.”

- D Davis, Audience member, South Africa.


"Seeing is believing, Ms Sandy Bigara puts on a spectacular evening full of bright lights, soul touching vocals in an amazing fusion of classic opera and modern electronic dance music. There is great depth in her songs and is not to be missed."

Elijah Stevenson, Spoken Word Poet with MMAD The Lounge Room, Gosford.


“Thank you again. You never stop surprising your audience…”

- M Poilly, Audience member, South Africa.


"I love watching and hearing Sandy perform. She has a strong, easy singing voice to listen to and then she transitions into an amazing controlled classical voice which compliments her original songs beautifully. Sandy is also visually lovely to see in her gorgeous starviking outfits. It's a real pleasure to see her perform."

Anita De Lisen, Soprano with Copanello, Central Coast, NSW.


“Great singer and fantastic presence on stage. I love listening to her voice!”

Adam Matthew Johnson, Ukelele Player and Singer, Central Coast.


“I have enjoyed Sandy's mesmerizing operatic vocals in person at wax lyrical, and listening to her journey on CDS.”

Paul Vella, Performer, current head of Wax Lyrical Central Coast, Australian Songwriters Association.


“Your absolute radness knows no bounds. Have already shared your page and will continue to extoll the virtues of your amazing talent. Completely stoked on what you have created, so many 'laptop musicians' have bored me to tears, finally someone is doing it right. Never ever change!!”

Brent, electronica producer, Darwin/Central Coast.


“I have trouble expressing how moving and incredibly emotive your set was last night, by the end of the first song I was completely won over. Yeah I’m the guy that grabbed the business card off you and your heavily-laden partner in the car park with my kids. Couldn’t just let that set pass without letting you know how amazed I was. You have something eclectic, passionate and completely original to offer, in this day and age that is SO REFRESHING. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your life experiences and creativity to us onstage. Please know that you are incredible and you have something to offer that I have never heard or seen before. What an enthralling experience it was, I really didn't expect that to happen in the little jam space that was Brackets & Jam. My jaw dropped, I was entranced. You have everything it takes to be a cult classic like Portishead or something like that. Don’t ever stop what it is you are doing. Thanks for the experience!”

Brendon M, Audience member, Newcastle, NSW.