Our Shangri-Lala Community Room is able to house 16 Attendees standing or seated, and 2 Facilitators, for small events.

Our indoor space is perfect for meetings, talks, meditations, art classes, reading groups, small yoga classes.

Shangri-Lala consists of: 

12 DJembe Drums

(up to) 40 Percussion Instruments

3 Tables (2 x white trestle tables and 1 x square black leatherette gaming table)

10 fold out chairs (we can provide another 6 on request) 

2 Facilitator chairs

2 Paint Easels (more on request)

27inch TV screen with Chromecast for presentations or films

Tea & Coffee Station: Kettle, Toaster, Coffee, Tea, Stevia Sweetner, Spoons, Paper cups with lids. 




Stove top


Outdoor concreted area 4 x 4m

Grassy area 4 x 4m

Salt Pool (summer season only)

If you would like to view our Community Room to use for your upcoming events, please reach out to us for a viewing and to make a booking.