Publishing (Self Publishing)

Are you looking for assitance with publishing your first book? 

Are you wanting to do it on your own and be the boss of your own creative journey?

Will you need assistance with photography for the book cover, styling and design of the book? 

Will you need step by step advice on how to make your dream a reality?

Then stand up, because you're at your station. 


Please Note: I do not do Editing. 


I have been doing publishing since 2010. I have been involved in assisting young and old writers in KZN, before arriving on the

Central Coast, NSW in May of 2015. 

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Examples of what service I can provide for you 


1) Layout and Design - I can assist with the layout and design of your book, that adheres to international standards, using templates provided by a respected book manufacturer. 


2) ISBN procurement - I can assist with your ISBN procurement and barcode generation. 


3) Cover Design - I can assist with Cover design and photography needed for that.