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When: MONDAYS (not during April & October School Holidays)

Where: [Google Maps] 135 Faunce Street, 2250 Gosford

Parking: Across the road in the CC Council Parking

Rehearsal Space sponsored by The Rhythm Hut

Rego/Arrive: 6:45pm

Run Time: Vocal Training, 7:15-8:15pm Choral Session

Choir Leader: Sandy Bigara

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Our Wonderful Launch, 12th February 2018

The Community Choir Vision 

Known as "The Shower Singers" our choirs are open to anyone who would like to try to learn how to sing! Our choirs are 100% inclusive and safe. Filled with a LOT of laughter each week and fun social adventures throughout the year, fast and true friendships are formed. 


In life, it is good to have a Vision Board, for hopes and dreams, here is a map of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. When we look at this map we get excited, really excited! Each one of these suburbs is a potential Community Choir Hub
it's own potential Community Choir Conductor... CC Conductors would work directly with and via the owner of the Community Choir Brand - Sandy Bigara (Sandy conducts the Gosford and Wyong Community Choirs) 


Our long term vision, if dreams could come true, is to have a Community Choir in every suburb and every state in Australia. The biggest Community Choir in the World. 


Basically, what we're saying is... our Suburb Community Choirs are joined to form the Central Coast Community Choir, which joins with other areas to become the New South Wales Community Choir, which joins with other states to become the Australian Community Choir... Can you see where we're headed in our dreams? 


If you would like to Conduct one of the Community Choirs, you just need to have a passion for singing, a small working Music PA, microphone and transport. The rest is provided! This is an income generating enterprise and all Conductors will earn a good percentage of the membership fee's paid weekly. 


If you would like to enquire about Choir membership in Gosford or Wyong Contact Us Here


If you would like to enquire about becoming a Community Choir Conductor Contact Us Here


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