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Are you looking for a Demo Chef or host for a Foodie event? Cultural Cooking with a twist?

Are you needing your club or audience to be entertained by a Cook that sings to her dishes?

You may want something traditional, or something different.

Then let's do it! 


Sandy Bigara is a multi disciplinary Creative & Performing Artist who has enjoyed doing cooking demo’s at the South African Good Food & Wine Show in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg 2013 - 2015 until she left for the Central Coast NSW 

(near Sydney) to join her Husband’s family. Sandy was on the steering committee of the Central Coast World Food Fair with Siva Gounder and Anne Charlton in March 2017.


A mother of two busy girls, Sandy Bigara has run a busy Arts Company since 1998. Working across a variety of disciplines has led to a rewarding life filled with stories - which she shares with humour and wit. Sandy is a trained singer, in Opera, Aria, Jazz and Pop vocals. She is also a composer and performs fantasy electronica compositions as the StarViking. Sandy Bigara was billed as “The Singing Chef” so named by the Chef Lecturers of the Capsicum Culinary School. Sandy started singing one of her operatic songs while mixing cake batter, and her style was born…

“Celebrity chefs who were present at the spectacular lifestyle event included the dashing Hayden Quinn who participated in season 3 of Masterchef Australia. Quinn’s versatility and talent in the kitchen helped him gain a massive following in South Africa. Other top chefs who were glad to be present included the Spice Prince, Reza Mahammad, Cake Boss’s Mauro, Sanjeev Kapoor, Food Network star Siba Mtongana, Jenny Morris (Giggling Gourmet), Sandy Bigara and Lentswe Bhengu.” -

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Foodie Breakfast yoghurt 02

Foodie Breakfast yoghurt 02