Face Painting & Special Effects Make up Artist (SFX MUA)

Sandy Bigara is an expressionist painter with over 20 years experience, each body or face paint client is treated as an absolute individual and no one ever has the exact same design and colour scheme. Each individual child plays a role in choosing the colour combination, and the "feel" of the artwork is dictated by the individuals nature! Each and every body art/face paint is a work of art. 


Sandy also works with local Face Painting companies, as their back up painter, maintaining a healthy and beneficial friendship with them and assisting where needed. 


Face Painting

I have ideas printed and ready for you to look through on the day! You can also show me pictures of what you want and I can do it as close as possible to the original. I use safe, non-toxic Dowd, TAG and Global Colours BodyArt Pots and Cakes. 

Special Effects Make up

I am also a SFX MUA and I work with other SFX Professionals to create fantasy, horror and gore Special Effects at events in and around the Central Coast. I have worked at The Zombie Dash, The Horror Movie Camp Out on the Central Coast, and for ZEDTOWN - in Sydney.  




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