The Central Coast EYE OF THE LENS Film Festival, run by Sandy Bigara Arts & Entertainment will soon be open to new and emerging Film Makers based on the Central Coast, NSW.


Open to all emerging Film Maker Entrants over the age of 16, with no age limit, no matter what camera you use (vintage | mobile phone | iPhone | camcorder | low end hand held camera) you are welcome to enter a short film that you have made (it must be over 2 minutes and under 5 minutes) and can be edited on your mobile phone, or by using any of the available software for film editing. We are not looking for Spielberg. We are looking for a fresh view and a willingness to have fun and create something new. 5 Participants will be chosen to take part in the #ELFF2020


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Join the Eye of the Lens Film Festival Group on Facebook. Even if you don't make it through this year, there is always next year, and the networking and connections that you make in this group will be invaluable! We look forward to getting to know you!


Pay the entry fee by clicking the BUY NOW button on the left. You will need proof of payment to complete your entry form below. This is an administrative cost and covers your half day workshop as well, and does not guarantee that your submission will be successful, only 5 film makers will be chosen.


Fill in the entry form, you will have to supply a link to your audition video (this video will not be shown during the festival, it will simply show us what you have done before and give us an idea of who you are as a developing film maker.)

Half Day Workshop

in Gosford.


Complete your entry to the competition by booking your place at our ELFF Half Day Workshop in Gosford. This will be a workshop facilitated by Sandy Bigara and will comprise of talks and practical direction going forward: Music/Sound Track, Scripting/Story Line, Practical  The 5 selected film makers will be announced at this workshop. Venue T.B.A.


Sam Tracy - Finishing Your Creative Dream

Eli Stevenson - Filming And Equipment, Tips N Tricks

Sandy Bigara - Sound, Lighting And Soundscape Design


in Gosford


Book your seat at the ELFF FINAL SCREENING in Gosford. This will be the big night where all 5 films are shown, and a panel of judges will provide positive and constructive feedback to the 5 film makers. There will be a presentation of certificates of participation, as well as the awarding of the winners title for the year. 

Venue T.B.A.


A panel discussion of Judges 

Full screening of all 5 Short Films

Awarding of Participation Certificates

Naming of the Title Holder for the year

Snacks and Drinks 

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Entry/Application is $25 paid via EventBrite.

Make sure to fill out the Entry form and upload your film clips to complete your application for consideration.

The $25 includes a full morning FREE ELF FILM FEST WORKSHOP at a location TBA for ALL Entrants.

A chance to mingle and network with other emerging film makers, and industry professionals.

The 5 chosen Festival Participants will be announced at the end of the Workshop. 

If you are one of the 5 Participants selected to take part in the Film Festival, there will be a further payment of $20 that will be payable. 

Tickets for family and friends to attend the Final Screening Event will be available on Eventbrite.


The chosen 5 Participants armed with their camera of choice (cell phone | iphone|any form of camera) film the exact same 5 minute scene, at the same time. The scene will be of two actors pre-rehearsed.

The Participants will not know the theme nor the setting beforehand.

The Participants will have 3 one shot takes - all to be done simultaneously.

Then 1 individual take each of the full scene.

Then 2 independently inspired shots each ‘close up’ (max 20 seconds)

And 1 Intro shot / Pan in / Pan Out for max 20 seconds)

The Participant film makers then have 3 weeks to finalise their short films, add music etc with NO influence from any of the other film makers.

They can arrange ONE one-on-one session with the ELF Team if they feel they need help technically, not creatively.



This is the dual part of the Festival, connecting emerging Participant Film Makers with emerging Singer/Songwriters) the Local MMAD| Central Coast artists or friends of the Participants must then work together to provide an original score (no pre-used music or music that is copyrighted may be used) There is a music studio available at The Lounge Room in Gosford for any recording needs. But again, you have full creative freedom. Use any downloadable music editing software and do some live recordings, or download free for use loops and create your own score. 


Sandy Bigara or Elijah Stevenson will document the film day experience, via film, for advertising purposes. Interviews with Participant Film Makers and actors will be done as well afterwards. Reality TV styled. This will be a great way to promote the Participants as emerging Film makers. 


Sam Tracy - Completing your Creative Dream: Vision, Networking, Partnerships.

Eli Stevenson - Filming and Equipment: Tips n Tricks.

Sandy Bigara - Sound & Lighting Design: Film Score and Feel.


Tickets $20pp (excluding the 5 Participants) on the night of the 5 Participants Showcase and Panel Discussion. 

The 5 Films will be shown on the big screen, followed by Q&A with the Film Maker, then at the end there will be a Panel Discussion with all 5 Participant Film Makers and a Film Industry secret guest... 

Each Participant Film Maker will receive a medal or trophy, and the Viewers Choice Award winner will receive a prize (To Be Announced - we are working on something exciting!) 


There is no "Winner" at the Festival, just a Title Holder for the year, for the Judges choice of film.

The Title Holder will be invited to be included on the Judges panel in the following year, and will receive a certificate.

All 5 Participant Film Makers are winners when they are selected to Participate in the Festival, and will receive certificates of Participation.



Sandy Bigara also known as StarViking, owns the Sandy Bigara Arts & Entertainment in Gosford on the Central Coast. Sandy is an Independant Artist who crosses multiple genres and art platforms and has been involved in film making since 1996.

Sandy is also a Music Producer and has a real desire to create new platforms in Film and Music Production on the Central Coast. Sandy is actively involved with The Rhythm Hut in Gosford, and has ties with the incredible team at The Lounge Room in Gosford, and MMAD. 

Sandy understands the importance of networking, connecting and of cross cultural crossovers in the Arts Industry, and hopes to create lasting platforms for creativity and fun in the emerging and independent artist sector. 


Sam Tracy also known as SammTracy is a vocalist, creative networker and  is one of The Lounge Room's Event Managers. She is located on the Central Coast of NSW. Sam has been singing since a very young age, and gained many contrasting influences over the years; from listening to her Grandfathers' old Crooner records to her Dads' classic rock collection and everything in between. Her musical influences from today include-but not limited to; Florance and The Machine, Sia and Adel to Ed Sheeran, Hozier and Mumford and Sons. Sam Tracy has previously studied 'Contemporary Performance' at The Australian Institute of Music at the Sydney Campus, as well as other programs in association with Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD), Nate Butler's Studios and The Hub Erina. 


Eli Stevenson, a hard working Poet and Film Enthusiast, smooth performer and creative tour de force, also lives and works on the Central Coast. Eli has a focus, to take listeners and viewers from darkness to light. With his poetry, his words bring hope, and aim to explore love, even in the most obscure places.

His freestyled creative use of imagery, paints a vision in the mind’s eye of his audiences. Elijah is one of the Event Managers at The Lounge Room, Gosford.

Eli is currently working on a film project and has an interest in mobile phone | iPhone film making.

He is actively involved with MMAD - Musicians Making a Difference and has a healthy working relationship with many creatives on the Coast.