Creative Arts Workshops

Enjoy a relaxed arvo with friends, either in your home or at a venue near you. 

Each workshop is unique and will be organised with you personally.

The cost per person is $20 - $30pp depending on the Workshop. 

Minimum 5 attendees.



Acrylic Painting

Crown Making

Body Painting / Face Painting





Staff Team Builds

Private Home Parties

School Open Days

Retirement or over 50's Villages

Birthday Parties 

End of year Work Functions


If you would like to book a Creative Arts Workshop for any of the suggested venues above, or would like to hold a Creative Arts Workshop at your home for a group of your friends please don't hesitate to contact us.


Please scroll through the photos below, they are a selection of Acrylic Paintings, Crowns and Body/Face Painting that I have done this year.