Creative Writing

Are you looking for a writer for a project?

Someone with creative writing skills, good ideas and a 'way with words'? 

Are you needing assistance and encouragement with a written project? 

Do you need engaging and interesting content for your magazine, ezine or website?

Then look no further. 


Please Note: I do not do Editing - only production of Creative Writing. 

I have been writing creatively since I was a child, my first 'book' was written in 1991 and my first published book was in 2011. I am also a respected Playwright and have written plays for theatre, educational road shows and for corporate seminars and road shows. I am an avid blogger and story teller. I have been involved in creative writing in KZN, South Africa - before arriving on the Central Coast, NSW

in May of 2015. 


Examples of what service I can provide for you 


1) Corporate Creative Writing - I can assist in creating corporate educational shows,

Training Manuals, Presentations or web content. 


2) Combining Collected Research - I can take your 'notes' and combine them into an essay form for use in brochures, websites, training manuals etc (NOT for submission to an educational authority)


3) Generating new educational content - If you are running a new course that you have developed, I can assist in the written presentation and style of your learning material.