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Networking & Training Events

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Do you have a question or a problem you are struggling to get past in your business?

We will answer selected questions sent in here, on our 7:30pm Facebook Sunday Night Live Show!

We promise to keep your question 100% anonymous, of course.

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10 in-person tickets to the event

100 view-online tickets to the event online


With over 30 years of combined business experience in multiple countries and across multiple industries, Sandy and Tara offer a light-hearted but practical guide to growing your business. They offer constructive insight and relationship-based guidance into successful Business ownership - for women.

Business Talk is a hands-on 90min workshop (filled with laughs, thought-provoking content, and powerful strategies)


See breakthrough NOW. Be equipped NOW. We believe in you, and want you to succeed.



Tara Mollel and Sandy Bigara run two interactive live videos each weekend, the topics discussed and questions sent through, are highly engaging and worth connecting to! They run 7:30pm and 7:45pm with Part I on Tara's profile, and Part II on Sandy's profile.

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Let's do this!


This is the perfect solution for Women existing in the world of entrepreneurship. Not only is Business Talk a Networking and Training ground, but it's also a place to source credible and proven work opportunities. Let us help YOU to become a successful and profitable Businesswoman! 


With over 30 years of combined business ownership experience in multiple countries and across multiple industries, Sandy and Tara offer constructive insight and training in Business ownership - for women.

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Business Talk is a hands on 90min workshop where you will learn powerful & Masterful strategies to:


-Consistently generate leads for your business for that constant cash flow

-Develop authentic relationships with your audience to easily convert them into paying clients

-Attract more of the RIGHT people to you and your business, and

-Move past fear and self doubt to keep focused and motivated to achieve your goals


See breakthrough NOW.

Be equipped NOW.

We believe in you, and want you to succeed.


Sandy Bigara of Sandy Bigara Arts & Entertainment

& Tara Mollel of Passionate Mumpreneurs Online

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When we first spoke about doing the Business Talk series, it was a hot summer’s day in New South Wales, just before Christmas. When the phone call ended there was an excitement and expectation there that hasn’t stopped.


It was obvious from our first meeting in October 2018 that we had a similar passion - seeing Women in Business being empowered and inspired to build and profit from their own business ideas. We had both experienced the highs and lows of running our own businesses, and realised that it was time for us to share our experiences with others. In the hope that our advice and experience would help others who may be facing a mental or emotional, physical or financial obstruction - keeping them from realising their goals in business.


These workbooks, are made to be scribbled in, highlighted, and bookmarked. We expect at least one coffee stain on at least one page, and maybe even a few cake crumbs. Everything mentioned in this book will have been covered in our talk: Face to Face Networking & Authentic Sales. Which will be available online soon, and if you would like us to cover this talk at a venue near you… just get in touch!


We wish you, dear Reader, all of the best luck in your business venture. Take a deep breath, get comfortable, and prepare for the ride of your life!

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