Ages 22 months - 5 years (the year in the first photo is incorrect)

22 months

24 months

3 years

3 years

5 years

Age 11 - 13 not in chronological order

Age 13 - a fun challenge set, to create mythical creatures, all done within 2 hours.

Age 12 - 13 Commissions for friends & Free style sketches

Age 13 - Customising friends characters into Profile Pictures

Age 13 - taught sibling to use colour swatches (video) and then created a character from the palette



Youngest Fashion Designer in the Southern Hemisphere.


Designs named after the African Savannah "Savanna Designs" 


Aged 5


All designs from sketches and instruction from LDB, Almost all fabrics and embellishments donated by the community in support of his vision. 

Fashion show of 30 dresses, held in Durban South Africa, modelled by friends, hair and make-up by Baylee Strike Hair Design.


Dresses sewn by Sandy D-B.