Original Art

Are you looking for an original piece of artwork for your home or office? 

Do you have a specific style or colour scheme in mind? 

or, do you love nature inspired artwork? 

Then you have landed in the perfect spot! 


I am an impressionist painter, and I have been painting since 1994, I have been involved

in creative artwork in South Africa before arriving on the Central Coast, NSW in May of



Examples of what service I can provide for you (Pictures of Examples below)


1) Original Artwork - You can commission an original artwork with your own colour scheme, dimensions and setting. 


2) Purchase Existing Artwork - You can purchase existing artworks that I have in stock. 


3) Replicas - You can have a replica made of most modern art styles (within reason) 


4) Ceramic Paint-Ups / Refurbishments - you can have your old Garden Gnomes or other ceramic items repainted, repaired or recreated - create a real conversation piece! 


5) Deceased Pet or Loved one "Memento Memori" - CERAMIC Paint up or Small Cameo Paining - if you purchase a ceramic item that reminds you of a beloved pet, I can repaint the ceramic to a very close likeness of your pet based on photographs. This is a very popular option. 


6) Commisioned Photography - You can commision any type of photography (within reason) for your restaurant, office or home. 


7) Live Painting for Auction - You can hire me to paint "Live" during an event and auction off the resultant picture. 


8) High End Face Painting - Children's Parties or Adult Parties, with my years of children's entertainment and Emcee experience, I am an engaging and relaxing Face Painter, Children and Adults alike enjoy their time with me and walk away with a smile. My rates per hour are competitive and I have my own equipment. SMS 0422548770.


To enquire about rates and availability please Contact Us for further assistance. 



Original and Replica Commissioned Works

Memento Memori - Deceased Pets
Miniature Artwork - in any style
Ceramic/ Wooden Carving Refurbishments/ Paint-Ups
Example of a finished Refurbishment